Four years ago Euromac’s success grew that significantly that it caused pressure on the full company structure and restricted  the production capacity to evolve. Euromac therefore needed to take immediate action and initiated the largest investment and strategic planning in the history of the company. We planned to be ready by 2020 but with current Covid-19 situation we fully close all by 2021. One important objective was to offer high class machinery with competitive delivery times.

To achieve these objectives we needed to focus on various facets :

Attracting additional and a new generation personnel – by coordinating since 2016 with technical schools in the Alessandria province. Concluding in hiring young, hard-working and driven new personnel that are trained on the job with a significant return of investment dividend.

 New computer hardware and design software – The migrations which rolled out over a period of  2-3 years, the machine design time reduced and implementation of supplier parts is directly facilitated.

New ERP system – linking all core business areas, such as procurement, production, materials management, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources  making  the data and functionalities more transparent and giving our departments a significant benefit by share information in a much more efficient and effective way.

Increase production space – End of 2019 start of 2020 ou new assembly hall has been finised to function giving the capacity necessary to initiate directly with the assembly without space limitations.

Pre-configured machine range – From 2021 over various product ranges, Euromac will be able to supply machines configuration either by pre-stock program or even plug and play ready. For the first wave the machine types pre-configured are:

TB6 CM Secondary station slitter, applicable for extruded BOPP, CPP and other types of film, their topseller duplex slitter

TB3.08 twin-shaft – for laminates, film printed and non printed and various other rolled materials

The turret slitter TB3.06T2F – for converters that require even higher productivity

Doctor rewinder CB800 – the versatile salvage winder to help converters to reduce waste and increase productivity.

With this program we wish to assist converters that are looking for reliable solutions that could be delivered to resolve direct demand.

This investments into infrastructure and people tackled various bottlenecks including the delivery times. Recently the commercial department has been increased by an additional 2 key figures ; Sales Manager Mr. Fabio Laguzzi and Project Manager Mr. Pietro Dirutigliano for satisfying the full growth potential and to micro-manage these projects from initial sales to full-satisfactory acceptance our slitter rewinders.

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